I.T. – What Does It Mean?

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What does it all mean? The world of technology is a world of acronyms and often confusing. It truly feels like learning a foreign language, with all of the dialects and slang that go with it. How do we maneuver our way through an ever changing new world? For some it seems to come so easily and naturally. Each new generation adds to the knowledge as well as the volume of information. The Gen X and Gen Y-ers who have been raised “playing” on computers seem to already be “bilingual”. Those of us who wrote school papers by hand or on a typewriter have a much larger learning curve. So how do we Baby Boomers maneuver through this brave new world of laptops, Blackberrys, servers and wireless connectivity to the World Wide Web and beyond?

First of all: Keep learning. It truly is a new language and new set of skills. You will have to devote some time to it. How much time and what format depends on your needs. Do you only check emails or are you required to use a computer every day at work? Your level of technology interaction will determine the level of knowledge. Google, bing, Goodsearch or any other search engine are all great places to start, and continue as new technologies emerge. The amount of information is so great “on the web” that computer technicians continue to research difficult situations as well as new innovations, like cloud computing, using this method. Simple questions can also be answered though. Type in any of the acronyms listed above and a number of different website will pop up to explore and learn from. If your learning needs are larger, than a class at a local school, either on line or classroom style, may better suit your needs. If your company uses a technology firm, like Aegis Business Technologies, ask what learning opportunities there are with them. For instance Aegis offers monthly opportunities to learn about software programs, social networking, or whatever questions we are getting on a regular basis from our customers.

Second: Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of co-workers, friends, kids, grandkids, neighbors or an IT professional. Anyone who seems to have a more robust knowledge is a good source. We all like to help others. If you don’t know the answer it is much better to ask the question than wing it and potentially do something that can harm your computer or your company. In the world of technology a small amount of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. There are many threats to security and also just to performance. Some can be avoided, other cannot. Knowing what to avoid, and what to look for as a sign of potential threat, is one example of the need to ask for help to protect your technology. Much like an auto mechanic, doctor, or lawyer, technology can be expensive to maintain and to repair. Find someone you can trust who is knowledgeable and wants to help. Shopping by price alone, as with the example of other professionals in their fields, may not be the best solution for your continuing technology health and growth. Ask about experience, longevity, and for customer referrals.

Always: Be patient and open minded. One of the most common misconceptions is that technology is finite and perfect. Neither is the case. Computers, just like cars, are machines and they wear out. New models are continuously being produced, with all new sets of parts and maintenance requirements. Parts, and entire computer systems, must be replaced every few years. There is no getting around it. Additionally not all software programs get along with each other. The millions of lines of code written to make a software program work are never seen or understood by the average computer user. They are an incredible human feat. We casually download a free program that sounds wonderful by the description and suddenly, or sometimes not so suddenly, nothing works. Somewhere in the lines and lines of binary code of one program a glitch in the lines of code of another program has occurred. Finding that, diagnosing that, and then fixing that is neither easy nor inexpensive. Much like your mechanic looking for the strange clicking noise in your car, or your doctor diagnosing a new virus. None of these can be rushed and it is often a timely process of elimination.

Aegis strives to be the teacher, the helper, the diagnostician, the fixer, and the advocate in the Tallahassee technology field. Search our new website for information about learning and sales opportunities that might help you and your company. And please reply to this blog with any questions. We will do our best to help you in your quest to unravel the mystery and wonder of technology so you can better understand how it can best help you.

Beth Tedio

General Manager

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